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Allied Educators and School Counsellor

Mr Diong Qiheng

Learning & Behavioural Support

Email: diong_qiheng@moe.edu.sg    

Mdm Lim Jing Mei Adeline

Learning & Behavioural Support

Email: lim_jing_mei_adeline@moe.edu.sg   

Mrs Wong Kim Fah

Teaching and Learning

Email: chiew_kim_fah@moe.edu.sg

Miss Aishah Binte Samsu

Teaching and Learning

Email: aishah_samsu@moe.edu.sg       

Miss Daphne Teo

Teaching & Learning

Email: daphne_teo_siew_kheng@moe.edu.sg

Ms Tang Wen Sing 

School Counsellor



Last Updated 10.10.18