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CPS Celebrates International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day 2017

CPS celebrated International Friendship Day from 10th April to 13th April 2017.

In the week leading to International Friendship Day (IFD), pupils were encouraged to participate in an IFD quiz and postcard competition. In line with the theme, ASEAN 50, students attempted questions for the quiz, deriving information of the ASEAN countries from the NE Board.  Apart from that, for the postcard competition, students penned their experiences on their visits to one of the ASEAN countries and inserted an accompanying photo in the form of a postcard.

The celebration started off with a dance performance titled, ‘Dance of Asia’ by Sri Warisan on the 10th April 2017. Students were introduced to the various dance items across the ASEAN countries namely the Pendet Dance from Indonesia, Horse Dance from Malaysia, Ramwong Dance from Thailand and the Tinikling dance from the Phillippines. 

During CCE lessons, MT teachers went through the IFD Resource Package. During the level activity, students gained insights on the ASEAN community and they also learnt how to say 'Hello' in the different languages in the ASEAN countries. 

As part of the recess activities, two game booths were set up - Jigsaw puzzle on food and the game 'Guess the Country's Costume' for two consecutive days. Through these games, students learnt the different types of local food from ASEAN countries and they also guessed the traditional costumes of the ASEAN countries.

The above mentioned activities were tailored for pupils’ involvement in celebrating International Friendship Day with the theme, ASEAN 50. 

 These are some photographs during the activities:

pendet dance performance.png