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Parent Support Group


Our school strongly believes that education is a shared responsibility and is committed to preparing our pupils for the future; we endeavour to forge strong partnerships with parents so as to achieve the holistic development of our pupils.

To strengthen and foster the partnership, the Parent Support Group (PSG) was established with a strong PSG Exco who is the driving force in facilitating the school activities and programmes. ( Lead, Care, Inspire)


Our committed and competent PSG!


Lead the Learner - Lead by the PSG Exco, the Parent Facilitators trained by MCYS related well to the rest of the parents and shared parenting tips with them through the Coffee Talks they conducted. This year, they conducted four coffee talks, “Self Care”, “Don’t worry, be happy”, “ Love Language” and “ How to communicate with your child”. They also conducted a craft workshop on “Flowers with Stocking”.

Lead the Learning - The PSG Exco draws out the best from each other when they take the lead to enhance one another’s capabilities through the formal and informal platforms such as the monthly PSG Exco meetings, discussions and SFE Talks. Under SFE, they initiated many team bonding activities to provide an unsual and memorable experience for the parents to reflect on the challenges which they faced as parents. Through these team bonding activities, they build relationships through fun and play, strengthen ties with one another and reinforce the CPS PSG Guidelines. (CPS PSG ROCKS)


PSG helps to usher the elderly from St Joseph Home to watch our CNY celebration


Parents care for the pupils under their charge. They take on the role as Reading Mums and Math Mums by guiding our weaker pupils in the morning with their studies. They also chaperon pupils out for school enrichment programmes and learning journeys and thus, showing care and concern for the well-being of each child.


Great Teachers inspire through the love of their subjects, skilful teaching and care they showed their pupils. Great parents inspire through their involvement in school programmes , guidance in the child’s work and collaboration with the school. The PSG also inspires our pupils through its active involvement in the SFE programmes such as the “Eat with your family day” where pupils are taught how to prepare and cook some simple dishes. Members of the PSG also collaborate with the school in the school events such as the Craft work at Chinese New Year, Gift for Teachers’ Day and Carnival Games for Mid-Autumn Kaleidoscope. They inspire one another to go the extra mile for the pupils and make a difference to their holistic development.


Our annual Lo Hei session with our PSG!

Join our PSG Family

We believe that parents’ involvement in our activities will enhance the educational experience of our students and would like to take this opportunity to invite parents to join in our PSG family programmes. We thank you in advance for your contributions and look forward to working closely with you.