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Pupil's Handbook

Every student is issued with a Pupil's handbook at the beginning of every school year.

The handbook cum diary will provide individual pupils of Corporation Primary School with the opportunity to manage their pace of learning and to enable them to monitor their academic performance and progress as well as their involvement in co-curricular activities.

As we warmly welcome all the pupils to the school, pupils and parents alike should find the school handbook very useful throughout the school year. Besides enabling pupils to track their personal performance in school in terms of their tests and assignment scores, this handbook serves as an effective communication tool between the school, the pupils and their parents and guardians. Parents and guardians will be kept informed of the major school events in the school through the calendar of events and the monthly issue of touching base, you will also have the opportunity to acknowledge receipt of the various letters sent by the school as these will be recorded in the handbook. For this to succeed, we need the co-operation of all parents and guardians to check and sign against the diary entries regularly.

This handbook also aims to keep pupils and parents informed of the policies and procedures pertaining to the school through the various sections on the code of conduct, discipline matters and other relevant information about the school. It is compulsory for every pupil to have this handbook which is an essential tool that will provide each child the opportunity to be responsible for their own learning and to be more self-reliant and independent.