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Counselling Services

What is School Counselling?

Pupils’ academic performance, self-esteem and relationships with others can be affected if they are going through difficult times or have personal problems. The counselling process allows pupils with difficult situations to talk about their problems in a safe environment and to enable them to develop effective coping skills and insights to make better decisions for problem-solving.

The School Counsellor

In Corporation Primary School, the School Counsellor is Ms Tang Wen Sing. She can be contacted at  tang_wen_sing@schools.gov.sg. She can also be reached via the school’s General Office number at 6795 7381.

Who may benefit from counselling?

Pupils may be referred by the teachers and parents for counselling. They are also welcomed to walk into the counselling room to speak with the counsellor should they encounter difficult situations such as:

  • Stress

  • Exam Anxieties

  • Grief and Loss

  • Problems with Peers

  • Family Conflicts

  • School Anxieties

  • Bullying