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After-school care


For the past 14 years, ACE@WORK Enrichment Pte Ltd has helped numerous students realize their potential and achieve outstanding results in their school examinations as well as the Primary School Leaving Examination. In view of the fact that most parents nowadays have to work hard to provide a comfortable living for the family, leaving them tired and lack of time to coach their children in their academic studies, ACE@Work Enrichment Pte Ltd has taken upon the responsibility of helping students complete their school work and understand school syllabus through revision lessons and ACE booklets so that parents can spend quality family time with their children when they come home without the hassle of coaching their children on school work till the wee hours. In doing so, we hope to improve the quality of life of both the children and parents.

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Operation Hours

School Term

Monday to Friday 1.30pm to 6.45pm or 7.00pm
Thursday 3.00pm to 6.45pm or 7.00 pm

School Holiday

Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 6.45pm or 7.00 pm

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Our student care program comprises of the following

1. Meal (Lunch and T-break)

All menus are planned 3 months in advance accordingly to the dietary requirement from MCYS. Menus will be adjusted every month according to the preference of the students without compromising the nutritional values of the food. We will be renting a food stall from the school to provide nutritious food to the students under the student care program.

2. Bath Time

Hot shower facilities will be provided for the students to take shower.

3. Supervised Study Time

All students under the student care program will do their school homework under the supervisor of student care teacher in the ratio of 1:20 (max).

4. Creative Writing / Speech and Drama / Moral Values

ACE@Work Enrichment Pte Ltd has engaged a group of professional teachers to assist students in the student care program in the area of composition, speech and drama and moral values.

5. Excursions

ACE@Work Enrichment Pte Ltd have carefully planned educational excursion for the benefit of all students in the month of June and December.

6. Games Day

Games Day is a day where we reward students with lots of fun activities and lucky draw presents for the hard work they have put in during the school term.

7. Outdoor Activities

We believe in “Study hard and play hard”, there will be one session of outdoor time each week for students to let their hair down and sweat out. This will give student a chance to exercise and play their heart out and reduce the chance of them falling sick.

8. Annual Progress Report

ACE @ Work Enrichment Pte Ltd issues a yearly progress report indicating the strength and weaknesses of each individual child so that parents will better understand the progress of the child.


9. Semiannual talks

Semiannual talks by psychologists, pediatrician and financial consultants to address issues relating to children and helping parents to manage their child more effectively.

10. Surveillance Cameras

All classrooms are equipped with 2 surveillance cameras so that we can monitor students closely and effectively. At the same time we have seen the behaviours of the students in the program improved tremendously.

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Contact Us

Tel: 6794 9611 (during office hours)
HP : 90074498 (Mr EE)
Email: feedbackcps@aceatwork.com.sg

Working parents can have a peace of mind knowing that their children are well cared for and engaged in a safe and healthy environment. With our curriculum tailored to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the children, our student care teachers found that students who joined our program demonstrated an overall improvement in their behavior.

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