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Vision: Nurturing thinking and inquiring young minds

Mission: To provide opportunities for students to explore Science through experiential learning and inquiry approach so as to equip them with relevant scientific literacy, skills and attitudes to help them make sense and connect to the natural world around them.

General pedagogical approach for Science Programmes

The school adopted the inquiry based approach in the teaching of science.

We believe that students are generally curious by nature and learning of science should be acquired in a natural and fun process. In CPS, students are provided the opportunity to explore and learn about the natural world through experiential learning and inquiry approach. Students are encouraged to think, conduct scientific discussions and carry out experiment when learning about a topic during science lessons. In this process, students get to acquire scientific skills and processes as they are given the opportunity to work like a scientist using the scientific methods learnt to carry out the experiment (indoor or outdoor) in their groups. We hope through this approach, students would become critical thinkers and be more inquisitive about the natural world around them. 

Science Programmes

Besides experiential learning within the classrooms, outdoor learning is also planned within the curriculum time, for instance, students from P3 and P6 would visit CPS Eco-trail to explore the garden within the school compound to learn more about plants and the environment. Learning journey to Science Centre is another programme that is specially arranged for the P3, P4 and P5 students. The activities at the Science Centre are carefully chosen to provide our students with more hands-on learning experience that can help to enrich our students’ exposure to science and reinforce the science concepts that are taught in school.  
Experiential learning and inquiry approach in CPS

Children at work.jpgStudent testing their hypothesis.jpg

              Students planning for their experiment                                         Students testing out their hypothesis 
Students carrying out scientific discussions in groups
student carrying out sc discussion.jpgPupils discussing.jpg

Visit to Singapore Science Centre

This term, our Endurance 1 to 6 pupils have embarked on an interesting journey to the Singapore Science Centre where they have taken the role of a scientist to discover about cells around them. Pupils learnt that they are made up of trillions of cells thus known as multicellular organism. The pupils also had the opportunity to extract cells and prepare slides to view under the microscopes. They had great fun discovering and learning about cells.

Science 1.JPGScience 2.JPG
Science 3.JPGScience 4.JPG

P3 students learning about magnets
P3 at ssc.jpg

P4 students learning about heat and temperature
P4 Sc Centre.jpgP4 Sc centre (2).jpg

P5 students learning about cells
sc centre P5.jpgsc centre P5 (2).jpg

Sc centre P5 (3).jpgsc centre P5 (4).jpg

Themes and Topics covered by levels in 2019

Themes and Topics 2019.png

Last updated on 18 March 2019