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In CPS, we believe that all children are musical and have the ability to express themselves musically through listening, performing and creating. Through Music, pupils can develop extra-musical skills, including interaction skills, collaborative skills, psychomotor skills, creative thinking, social awareness, and moral and cultural values, all of which contribute to the holistic development of a child.


The General Music Programme in CPS aims to:

1. Develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures 
2. Develop ability for creative expression and communication through music 
3. Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music

There are 5 Learning Outcomes (LOs) for Music Education in CPS.

LO1: Perform Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups 
LO2: Create Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups 
LO3: Listen and Respond to Music 
LO4: Appreciate Music in local and global cultures 
LO5: Understand musical elements and concepts

All 5 LOs are addressed in an integrative manner, where elements and concepts are learned through active musical experiences, such as music creation and performance as well as movement in music; and where the display of musical skills (listening, creating, performing), draw on students’ learning and understanding of musical elements and concepts.


Curriculum Programmes


Singing Games

Music & Movement

Classroom Percussion

Keyboard Programme (P2)



Singing Games

Recorder Programme

Jazz Dance Programme (P3)

Hip Hop Dance Programme (P4)



Orff Music Arrangement

Ukulele Programme

Urban Groove Dance Programme (P6 Post-PSLE)

Cajon Percussion Programme (P6 Post-PSLE)


Music Programmes

- Music Assembly Programme

Our pupils were thrilled watching Singapore’s very own Stitch FM in action as he demonstrates the endless possibilities with his voice through beatboxing!


- CPS Talent Time

The annual CPS Talent Time allows talented pupils to showcase their singing and dance to the rest of the school.

M4 (2018 CPS Singing Talent Time Finalists with the emcees).JPG
M5 (one of the finalist groups for 2018 CPS Dance Talent Time).JPG
2018 CPS Singing Talent Time Finalists with the emcees 
One of the finalist groups for 2018 CPS Dance Talent Time 

Talent Showcase @ The Promenade

The Promenade at the school canteen provides regular opportunity for CPS pupils to sing and perform.


CPS Pop Band

CPS Pop Band is for P6 pupils interested in learning new instruments and performing in a band. Pop Band Practices are held once a week after school under the guidance of the Music teachers.


Last updated on 2 April 2019