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Art Education

Art captures memories, communicates ideas, shapes values and evokes emotions. In a world where we are surrounded by different forms of visual imagery, Art is a language that allows us to communicate and learn more about ourselves, others and the world around us. As an academic subject, Art plays an integral role in students’ holistic development.


CPS Art aims to provide an avenue for our students to develop critical and inventive thinking skills, as well as self and social awareness through inquiry-based learning and artmaking. Apart from exploring different materials and art forms, students also learn to understand and appreciate cultures and traditions both within and beyond Singapore through exposure to a variety of local and international artwork during lessons.


Learning Highlights


Each term, students embark on an artmaking project whereby they learn related art theory and skills to apply to their artwork. Apart from bring introduced to basic drawing, colouring and painting skills, students can look forward to these engaging programmes:


Introduction to Elements of Art


Print-making programme


Assemblage art programme


Museum-based Learning


Ceramics programme


Animation programme

Museum-based Learning (MBL)


Museum-based Learning provides the opportunity for pupils to learn first-hand from artwork by practicing artists in a gallery or museum setting as part of their art learning experience.

This year, our P4 pupils will be heading to the National University of Singapore Museum, where they will be learning from artworks by local artists.

Last updated on 2 April 2019