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Overseas Learning Journeys

Overseas Immersion Programme to China ( 25 June to 29 June 2019)

A group of selected Primary 5 pupils went to China (Xiamen and Shantou) from 25 June to 29 June 2019 for an overseas immersion programme. The objective of the trip was to develop the cultural intelligence of our pupils so that they have global awareness and cross-cultural skills. It was a great exposure for the pupils to know what was happening in Asia and provided a platform to experience school life in China. The pupils visited the Shantou Chaoyang Experiment School as a part of their cultural exchange programme. 

Pupils’ sharing
Question: What was the best part of the trip? 

“I enjoyed meeting the pupils in the school and sleeping in the hostels,” Phone, Endurance 1.

“I enjoyed the paper-cutting activity. A famous master in paper cutting taught me!” Li Wen, Endurance 6. 

Question: What are the interesting things you learnt about Shantou Chaoyang Experimental School?

“The students in the school take afternoon naps in their hostels. The beds are hard as they do not use mattress in summer,” Cherianne, Endurance 2. 

“I learnt a bit about Chinese calligraphy. I need patience when doing calligraphy,” Niyumi, Endurance 4. 

grp pic 1.JPG  

grp pic 2.jpg
grp pic 3.jpg

Immersion trip to China

Meet the buddy 1.JPG

meet the buddy 2.JPG

Pupils playing bonding games with their buddies  

Chinese Calligraphy 1.JPG
Chinese Calligraphy 2.JPG

Chinese Calligraphy 3.JPG

Pupils attending Chinese Calligraphy lesson by Master Teacher. 

music 1.JPGmusic 2.JPG


Hands-on music lessons for pupils. 

tea tasting 2.jpg

tea tasting.jpg

Pupils learning about the different types of tea  


paper-cutting.JPGpaper-cutting 2.JPG


Paper-cutting requires patience, accuracy and concentration. 

Overseas Immersion Programme to Brunei (24 June to 27 June 2019)

A group of 20 Primary 5 pupils were selected to go for the 4D3N Overseas Immersion Programme to Brunei from 24 - 27 June. It was a fulfilling trip which provided opportunities for the pupils to learn and interact with Bruneian pupils to develop in them the 21st CC skills on global awareness and cross-cultural skills. The pupils also visited places that allowed them to have cultural immersion. It was the first time most of the pupils were away from their parents but they were able to be independent and enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Pupils’ sharing: 
Question: What did you learn from the trip? 
“I learnt to be more grateful and thankful that I have such big classrooms and play areas to play in,” Muhammad Danzil, Endurance 1.

“I learnt to appreciate more the facilities which I took for granted. For instance, our school canteen which sells a variety of food. The pupils in Brunei had to bring their own food to school,” Erin Yasmin, Endurance 1. 

“I enjoyed myself the most at the Water Village tour. It was my first time taking the boat and visiting a family which resides on the water. We also saw schools built on water too,” Saw Ryan, Endurance 1.

“The pupils there are happy and kind. They are also humble and keen to learn despite the limited facilities they have. We should learn to be like them,” Cassandra Koh, Endurance 5.

1 A shot before setting off.jpg2 A shot with the Golden Mosque at the background.jpg
A shot before setting off
A shot with the Golden Mosque at the background 
3 Boat ride to the Water Village.jpg4 Our pupils trying out their Dance CCA.jpg
 Boat ride to the Water Village Our pupils trying out their Dance CCA
5 Pupils trying out their Home Economics CCA.jpg6 Pupils trying out the fried worms!.jpg
 Pupils trying out their Home Economics CCAPupils trying out the fried worms! 
7 Buddy gift exchange before bidding goodbye_Ekacarini 5.6.jpg
8 Buddy gift exchange before bidding goodbye_Ermina 5.6.jpg
 Buddy gift exchange before bidding goodbye_Ekacarini 5.6Buddy gift exchange before bidding goodbye_Ermina 5.6