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A Passion for Reading, A Passion for Writing and Speaking

To develop confident English Language users who have a strong foundation in the language and love reading.

English Department Programmes:
Reading Programmes at CPS promote reading with a clear and meaningful purpose to help the CPS pupil gain more knowledge and information.

The programmes will monitor the CPS pupil’s growth and development, enable them to discern information accurately and empower them to be a Confident Language User and Active Contributor and Speaker as aligned with the 21st century skillset.

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Primary 1 and 2: Read-A-Mania and Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)

The programme encourages the CPS pupil to make reading a way of life and provides wider guided reading opportunities for lower and middle progress readers. This programme is done in collaboration with the Parents’ Support Group.

Primary 3 and 4: Reading Portfolios

The programme imbues the love for reading in the CPS pupil through the critical reading of age-appropriate books and creative literature activities.

Primary 5 and 6: Little Red Dot

The programme empowers the CPS pupil to keep abreast with current affairs using authentic texts and materials while providing opportunities for collaboration and make connections of learning to life.

Foundation of Curriculum

STELLAR Programme (Primary 1 to Primary 6)

The school’s English Language curriculum is based on the STELLAR programme. STELLAR, which stands for STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading, aims to strengthen pupils’ language and reading skills. The programme uses research-based teaching strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage pupils as they learn to effectively use the English Language. The teaching approaches and resources are designed to deliver the outcomes of English Language Syllabus 2010. 

For more information on STELLAR and Parent Resources on STELLAR, please click here

Rich Learning Experiences

To nurture the joy of learning and in tandem with the school’s total curriculum framework, the following programmes will provide the opportunity for the CPS pupil to stimulate interest and curiosity so that he or she can explore and discover interests and enrich his or her learning experiences.



Primary 1 and 2

Learning Journeys

Primary 3 and 4

Play Appreciation

Primary 5 and 6

National Stamp Collecting Competition


Supportive Learning Environment

To provide reading pleasure for English, besides the Media Resource Library, the book café provides a conducive and inviting reading environment for our CPS pupils to immerse into a wide range of texts.

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Celebration of Success

To celebrate the success of the growth and achievements of the CPS pupil, the annual CPS EL Fiesta provides the platform to showcase learning and discover talents in reading, writing and speaking. It is a week where the CPS pupils will be immersed in the plethora of fun and engaging language activities! 

Last updated on 25 February 2019