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Dance LLP

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – Creativity Through Dance 
Corporation Primary School has attained the LLP in the area of dance since 2014. Through dance, we want to nurture and develop students in their passion and talents, as well as to develop their character.
The aims of Dance Education in Corporation Primary School are:
- To build confidence in pupils towards performing arts in the area of dance
- To expose pupils to the different dance forms
- To allow pupils to express their creativity through dance

Level Dance Programmes

Dance lesson.jpg

There are different dance programmes within the formal curriculum catered for every level. During the programmes, pupils are taught the fundamental dance techniques and they are given the opportunities to create dance movements and choreograph their dance routines in accordance to the music to perform in groups or as a class. The intent is to allow pupils to learn more about elements of dance and experience the learning of dance as a Creator (creating a dance), Active audience (critiquing, appreciating) and a Performer (presenting a dance).

P1 & P2 PAL Creative Movement
P3 Jazz Dance
P4 Hip Hop Dance
P5 Locking Dance
P6 Urban Groove

Dance Lessons within the PE and Music SOWs

Within the PE and Music SOWs, dance lessons are part of the curriculum. Movement and dance is incorporated in the PE curriculum and pupils are to learn the specified dance repertoires at every level. In Music lessons, ethnic dances are introduced to the pupils as part of music appreciation and learning songs of other cultures.

PE (Movement & Dance)
- P1: Chan Mali Chan
- P2: Ode To Joy
- P3: In Appreciation
- P4: Maple Tree
- P5: Ceimo Ceimo, Slapping Ladder
- P6: Let’s Bounce, Sicilian Tarentella
Music (Ethnic Dances)
- P3: Munnaeru Valibaa
- P4: Rasa Sayang Eh

Dance Exposure Assembly Programme

Jazz Assembly.jpg

Every year, there would be a Dance Exposure Assembly Programme for the pupils.

School-Wide Mass Dance

P1 to P3 Jump Jam Workout

For the P1 to P3 pupils, there is Jump Jam Workout as a pre-assembly programme every Friday morning whereby they engage in simple aerobic moves as a dance workout in the school hall.

CPS Sports Carnival House Dance

For the P3 to P6 pupils, during Sport’s Carnival this year, every pupil was involved in the school-wide mass dance. Each house had to come out with their unique dance moves for the dance and everyone danced to the house dance as a school on Sport’s Carnival Day.

School-Wide Dance Performances by pupils

Dance Performances by Dance CCA groups

In Corporation Primary School, we have 3 Dance CCA groups – Chinese Dance, Malay Dance and Hip Hop Dance. Other than participating in the SYF, they also perform for school events such as the Annual Prize Giving and Talent Day.

Dance Competition (CPS Talent Time)

Every year, the school organizes CPS Talent Time. There is a dance category open for pupils who would like to showcase their dance skills in the dance competition. 

Pupils’ Self-Initiated Dance Performances for Teachers’ Day

Other than CPS Talent Time, pupils interested in dancing can also have the opportunity to perform for Teachers’ Day.

Learning Journeys for Dance Exposure & Appreciation

PAL LJ.jpg

PAL Dance Workshop “Let’s Dance”

Each Primary 2 class would be going for a Dance Workshop, which would engage the pupils through dance and music as they learn simple dance movements. In line with the Creative Movement that they have learnt during PAL lessons, pupils get to use their bodies to make different shapes, experience low and high level in dance, and understand various tempo in relation to different dance moves.