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Co-curricular activities (CCA) form an integral part of the school's objective to provide an all-round education for our pupils. As such, every pupil from P3 onwards is required to participate in one CCA during his/her primary school years. CCA has been built into the curriculum time to ensure that all P3 to P6 pupils participate in one CCA.

Please take note that all CCA are conducted on Tuesdays from 2.45p.m to 4.45p.m.


No. CCA Teacher in-charge
Visual &
Performing Arts

1 Chinese Dance
Ms Huang Yuwei

Ms Marjorie Yeo
2 Malay Dance
Mdm Dian

Mdm Norlina
3 Hip Hop Dance
Ms Jessle Zheng

Ms Perle Hong
4 Choir
Ms Rashal

Ms Yap Earn Chi
5 Samba Percussion
Mdm Kwan Nee

Ms Wong Min Shan
6 Young Artist Club
Mr Huang Jinquan

Ms Charmaine Ang

Physical Sports 7 Basketball (Boys)
Mr Chew Shouye

Mr Low Khee How
8 Basketball (Girls)
Ms Lau Sze Hui

Ms Michelle Ang
9 Football (Boys)
Mr Nasri

Ms Hidayah
10 Netball (Girls)
Ms Maybelline Teo

Ms Felicia Chan
11 Volleyball
Ms Erika

Ms Ananthini

Uniform Groups 12 Brownies
Ms Hailynn

Mrs Karen Lee
13 Red Cross
Mrs Stella Tan

Ms See Hui Fang

Clubs & Societies 14 Drama Club
Mrs Shaheen Khan

Mdm Chia Yi Ling
15 Environmental Club
Mrs Lim Yifan

Mdm Chan Mei Yoke
16 Robotics
Mr Shen Baiyue

Mr Xia Wen
17 Xiangqi
Mdm Chai Meng Choo

Mr Yang Wen Feng