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Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day, which falls on 15th February, marks the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese by the British during World War 2. This annual event reminds Singaporeans that they each have a part to play in building a united and resilient community that contributes towards our nation’s security and success.


CPS commemorated Total Defence Day from 6th to 17th February 2017.

In the week leading to Total Defence Day, pupils were encouraged to participate in a TDD quiz. Prize winners received CPS very own ready-bag consisting of a whistle, a plaster and a torch light. The items would be useful in the event of an emergency such as being trapped, getting injured or when there is an outrage of electricity.

The commemoration started off with a skit titled, ‘Hearts in Sync’ by Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) on 13 February 2017. The objective of the interactive roadshow was to strengthen the belief that everyone can play a part in total defence and coming together to defend the nation. The skit was packed with edu-taining segments including an exclusive LIVE hostage situation exercise.

On Total Defence Day, there was an assembly presentation on Total Defence. Our Principal, Mrs Pang read the TDD message while Mdm Yati reiterated the 5 pillars of Total Defence. During CCE lessons, MT teachers went through the TDD Resource Package and our pupils also had to experience what it was like to learn in the classroom without electricity for 15 minutes. As part of the recess activities, two booths were set up: Red Cross Bandage demonstrations and a ready-bag game for two days. Hopefully, pupils had an opportunity to learn how to help others who were injured. They can share with their parents the important items they will need to have in their ready-bag to ensure they are constantly ready, even at home.

The above mentioned were tailored for pupils’ involvement in the commemoration of TDD. CPS received overwhelming response from the pupils.These are some photographs during the activities: 


Game Booths 



Skit by SDC


Red Cross Demonstration