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Programmes for Active Learning



  • To provide pupils with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in Outdoor Education, Sports & Games, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.
  • To facilitate the well-rounded development of pupils in the 5 learning domains (physical, cognitive, social, aesthetics and moral)
  • To provide varied avenues for pupils to develop social emotional competencies.


The planning of PAL in CPS started in 2009 and it was rolled out in 2010 to all the Primary 1 to Primary 2 classes.


PAL comes in 4 modules namely, Outdoor Education, Sports & Games, Performing Arts & Visual Arts.


Classes get to experience the 4 modules over the whole academic year, ie, 1 module per term.


Desired outcomes


Our lessons are carefully prepared and planned with specific desired outcomes. Through PAL, we hope to nurture and develop pupils who are:


  • CR3 : Confident, Responsible, Reflective problem-solvers, Resilient
  • RICHER in values
  • competent in all the Socio-emotional domains.


The lessons are crafted to be experiential and exploratory in nature. David Kolb’s (1984) Experiential Learning Cycle forms the foundation of our lessons across all four modules.


The exploratory and experiential nature of lessons allows pupils to be self-directed learners. Pupils drive their own learning by making responsible decisions, reflecting on their decisions, and implementing new thoughts and ideas.


Outdoor Education Module


Outdoor Education module aims at providing pupils with orienteering skills, giving pupils the opportunity to be immersed in nature and appreciating the wonders of nature. They also learn the usefulness of plants and animals around them. We foster our pupils’ self-awareness on their strengths, weaknesses and to embrace themselves as unique individuals. Last but not least, they have bouldering lessons, at our very own bouldering wall, to build pupils’ resilience and perseverance.



Sports & Games Module


For Sports & Games module, our pupils develop their confidence and enjoy many individual and group experiences. We have specially crafted lessons that expose pupils to a broad range of sports skills and games. As they learn new skills in sports, they also work in teams to overcome the many challenges and obstacles posed in the games. After each game, our pupils are given an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. They use the time provided to reflect on their teamwork, strategies and to make responsible decisions.




Performing Arts Module


Performing Arts in CPS falls under our Dance Niche Programme. The aim of this module is for pupils to express themselves creatively through movement and dance. The module serves to encourage spontaneity and stimulates the aesthetic sensitivity in each child. The pupils in Primary 1 are taught the basic dance movements, concepts of personal space and are allowed to freely express themselves with the use of an element – tambourines. Pupils are encouraged to create their own movements and these are incorporated into their final dance performance, giving them a sense of ownership. Lessons are progressive in nature with Primary 2 learning a more advanced dance form – ethnic dances.



Visual Arts Module


As for Visual Arts module, pupils are engaged in exploring, experimenting and discovering. They express themselves via various modes – oral, written or creating an artwork. In Primary 1, pupils learn the basic art elements through fun activities such as painting with balloons, creating lines using toy cars and choosing their own materials for a food collage! Pupils are provided with a multitude of tools and they are encouraged to explore and experiment with them, to create their desired artwork. Pupils are given opportunities to showcase their works on various platforms.


Pupils set on a colourful journey of self-discovery during the Visual Arts module, where they learn more about their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to manage their emotions. During the group activities, pupils learn to share the resources and communicate effectively with each other.



Final Note

The activities in PAL enable pupils to exhibit confidence and enjoy individual and group experiences. They are provided with the platforms to connect ideas and express themselves creatively as well as explore and extend knowledge and skills learnt to their daily lives.


Last Updated 24.02.16