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Environmental Education Programme

Importance of Environmental Education

Environmental Education refers to the organised efforts to teach and learn about how the natural environments function, particularly, the impact of human on the environment and how human can manage their behaviour and the ecosystem in an integrated and sustainable way.

It is also an active learning process that increases people's awareness and knowledge about the environment and the development of necessary skills to address ‘the challenges, and fosters attitudes, motivations, and commitments to make informed decisions and take responsible action’ (UNESCO, Tbilisi Declaration, 1978). The values and ethics surrounding environmental can be addressed through environmental education, so that environmental understanding and participation becomes part of our lives.

A Sustainable Future - Singapore

National Environment Agency, Singapore, believes that people should catch the vision for a sustainable environment while young. Hence it pitches its call for a sustainable cleaner and healthier environment to all, starting with preschoolers. It promotes environmental awareness through national education programmes to instil in the young a greater sense of ownership and belonging to the environment.

Environmental Education in Corporation Primary School aims to support the NEA belief.

In CPS, the Environmental Education is covered in the development of the school Green Programme. Thus the Green Programme aims to develop a holistic environmental education that emphasizes the responsibilities that all individuals play in enhancing the quality of living in a diverse society.

CPS Green Programme is an on-going programme targeted to educate and raise awareness among the pupils, the parents and the staff on environmental issues, conservation and 3Rs practices (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

The school also works in collaboration with external partners such as NEA, SEC, Colex so as to garner their expertise and support the activities run by these external partners.

Our Model
Environmental Education Model

This model depicts Mother Earth being supported by a tree. The tree trunk represents the approaches taken by the whole school in supporting the Green programme and the 4 branches (which depicts a pair of hands that supports the earth) represent the group of people i.e. pupils, staff, parents and partners working together to save Mother Earth (Gaia).

The Green Programmes include:

•    3Rs programme - Recycling corners
•    Earth Day & Green Mart Day
•    Environmental Club & JEA (Junior Environment Ambassador)
•    Environmental Education lessons
•    Outreach programme
•    Interdisciplinary approach
•    Immersion Programme

Recycling Corners


Recycling Corners


3Rs messages are displayed on the notice board in the class to remind pupils to constantly practise 3Rs.

School Common Recycling Corner: CPS Green Hub


Green Hub



Environmental Awards in 2016

The school has once again done well in the environmental areas in 2016, by adopting a ‘whole-school approach’. CPS pupils have many opportunities to participate in environmental activities organised at different levels. The school has attained the Sustained Lotus Award (Green Audit) by Singapore Environment Council and Sustained Gold Award for Green Schools @ Southwest Programme by Southwest CDCWhile the school is proud of its environmental achievements, it is hoped that CPS pupils would cultivate an environmentally-friendly mindset and adopt ‘green’ habits as part of their lifestyle.

Last Updated: 20/03/2017