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Art Programmes

Our Vision

To enhance educational achievement, intellectual capacity and promote visual arts as an integral part of life


Our Mission

To inspire creativity, learning and wonder through experiences in the visual arts


P1 to P6 Art Programmes



Art Form



Action Art


Time Frame: Term 1 to 4

Duration: 10 lessons


Pupils explore unconventional art making methods such as painting with balloons or drawing lines with coloured tapes. This programme will bring discovery and adventurous creativity to our pupils’ art experiences!


Building with Clay


Time Frame: Term 1 to 4

Duration: 10 lessons


Pupils work independently and collaboratively in basic and fun hand building activities with clay.

This material constantly stimulates imagination as pupils develop new ideas for things to make and new ways in which to use clay and tools. One of the most exciting lessons in this module is making clay with salt, water and flour!


Wire Sculpture


Time Frame: Term 2

Duration: 8 lessons


Pupils work with soft aluminum wire and pliers as they learn to sculpt three – dimensional human sculptures. Pupils learn how to coil, wrap and weave wire as they progressively form their individual human sculptures.


Digital and Traditional

Batik Painting


Time Frame: Term 2

Duration: 8 lessons


Pupils are introduced to the traditional Malay art form of batik painting. They begin their foundation work by sketching with stylus on the iPad. With this digital tool, pupils explore and experiment with the tools found in the ArtRage application. The traditional aspect of this enrichment programme exposes pupils to work with wax and fabric dyes.


Bas Relief


Time Frame: Term 3

Duration: 8 lessons

Pupils learn about the history of bas-relief that is common in Egyptian or Roman art. In this programme, pupils work with clay to create a self-portrait bas-relief.




Time Frame: Term 4

(Post PSLE)

Duration: 8 lessons

Pupils adapt and repurpose this once rebellious and notorious art form to create an artwork that captures their memories in the school. Graduating classes create a graffiti artwork that will be a legacy that they leave in the school.


School Assembly Programmes






Graffiti Artist


National Gallery Outreach Talk

Game Designer


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