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School Facilities

Facilities in Corporation Primary School provide an environment to nurture the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of our pupils. 


Here are some of the facilities we have:

The Book Cafe

Book Cafe.JPG

Computer Laboratories

comp lab.JPG

Chinese Cultural Room

Chinese Cultural Room.jpg
Chinese Cultural Room 02.jpg

Malay Cultural Room

Malay Cultural Room 01.jpg
Malay Cultural Room 02.jpg

Music Room

Music Room.jpg

Arts Room

Arts Room.jpg


Library 3.JPG

Basketball Court (Sheltered @ ISH)

ISH Sport Hall Open Court.JPG

Basketball/Volleyball Court (Indoor @ ISH)

Indoor Sport Hall Lvl 4 (2).JPG

Football Pitch

Football Pitch 2.JPG

Eco Garden

Eco Garden.jpg

Eco Pond

Eco Pond.jpg