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CPS Clinched 3 Champion Titles at Fo Guang Cup

22 June 2016 by Mr Lau


Fo Guang CupOn 28 May 2016, 56 of our Xiangqi pupils set out to compete in the 3rd “Fo Guang Cup” National Students Individual Xiangqi Competition.  We took part in 3 categories, namely, P2 and below, P4 and below and P6 and below.  Our pupils did us proud by clinching champion titles in all the 3 categories.


The results of our pupils’ performance are summarised below:


P2 and below category:


1st: Lao Ruo An Astin - Integrity 5

5th: Tham Jing Yang - Integriy 7

6th: Chin Yin Kek - Integrity 7

9th: Xu Jin Hu - Integrity 2

15th: Goh Guan Yi Axl - Integrity 4


P4 and below category:


1st: Zhu Jing Nan - Humility 6

2nd: Lee Jun Kang - Humility 1

9th: Wang Ze Ning - Humility 1

10th: Zhao Yi Nuo - Humility 1

13th: Linux Leong Hong Hoi - Compassion 3

14th: Hazel Peng Rui Ying -  Humility 1

16th: Chen Jia Zhen - Humility 5


P6 and below category:


1st: Jin Sheng - Responsibility 1

2nd: Marcus Chin Yin How - Responsibility 1

3rd; Zheng Bo Yuan - Responsibility 1

6th: Lee Wei Herng - Responsibility 2

12th: Guo Hua Xin - Endurance 1

14th: Chua Wen Zhe - Endurance 1

15th: Ang Jie Sheng - Endurance 4


The pupils will continue training for end of-the-year Char Yong Cup Inter-School Competition.

We hope to be the champions in both the junior and senior categories.


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