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Student Leadership Programme


Confident pupils, future leaders


Develop confidence and self-leadership through self-awareness and self-management



A CPS leader is…
A leader that is grounded in sound values and has a desire to serve
A leader that makes a positive difference to others

Purpose of the Student Leadership Programme is to Develop Self-leadership

Self-leadership is… 
to achieve self-mastery and personal effectiveness 
to develop confidence and capacity for growth through knowledge of self and sound values

Skills Learned

Responsible Decision Making

The Student Leadership Programme has 2 Tiers

Experience and Excel 
Level 1 -Whole school approach 
Level 2 – Student leaders (prefects)

Whole School Approach (Experience)

P1 and P2

P3 and P4

P5 and P6

Discover Yourself:
Good leaders know their strengths and weaknesses

(Leadership and Self-Awareness)

Manage Yourself:
Good leaders know how to manage their actions
(Leadership and Self-Management)

Decide for Yourself:

Good leaders make responsible decisions
(Leadership and Responsible Decision Making)

Whole School (Experience)

Student Leaders (Enrich)

All pupils

Prefects/CCA Vice-Head


Discover Yourself

Manage Yourself

Decide for Yourself

Manage Yourself (II)
Good leaders know how to manage their actions and others
(Leadership, Social Awareness and Self-Management)

Decide for Yourself (II)
Good leaders make responsible decisions for others
(Leadership, Social Awareness and Responsible Decision Making)

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Last Updated 11/04/2017