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Crest, Motto, Creed, Song

Our crest

The school crest bears the motto ‘Be Diligent and Helpful’, believing that diligent pupils know their work well and should always help those who need assistance.

At the top of the crest is a book of knowledge and the educational torch is a beacon of truth and light.

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Colour significance


signifies everlasting purity and honesty.


signifies youthful vigour in our pupils.


signifies alertness in our pupils' minds.

Our motto

Be diligent and helpful.

Our school creed

We, the pupils of Corporation Primary School,

pledge to uphold the name of our school,

to be courteous, diligent and helpful.

We will obey the school rules,

uphold our school values and

respect the staff and our peers.

Together, we strive for success!

Our school song

To the school with a passion to learn and live

Where our thoughts are evermore

Be proud of Corporation Primary School

To her we’ll always be true

Raise the banner of our motto

Be diligent and be helpful

Look up to our dear school

Whose aim we will uphold