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P1 and P4 Buddy Programme 2015

13 Jan 2015 by Ms Karen Ho


Buddy ProgrammeThe Primary 1 pupils are currently being taken care of by their P4 buddies during their recess and lunch breaks.

They are taking on the important roles as big brothers and sisters as they teach them the school RICHER values of being respectful by queuing up in the canteen to purchase food and being responsible by returning their cutlery when they have finished eating.

When the P4 buddies were asked about their most memorable experience in CPS, a few of them grinned and said that it is being given an opportunity to be a buddy to the P1 pupils. This experience benefits both the P1 and P4 pupils as the P1 pupils learn to be more aware of the school system while the P4 pupils learn to be more responsible.

Last Updated 15/01/15