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Management and Leadership Programme Team from NIE Visits CPS

By Ms Siah 08 Apr 2015


MLSThe team of participants from the Management and Leadership Programme( MLS), NIE led by Dr Eisuke Saito, our Knowledgeable Other for our school Key Learning Programme on Lesson Study, visited the school on 8 April 2015. The working team planned a very enriching and fruitful programme for the MLS participants. Ms Siah, our SSD, shared the progression of our Lesson Study Journey followed by Mr Wesley Tan who conducted an experiment class on Mathematics. The participants observed a live research lesson and went through the rigour of observing pupils’ learning behaviours with the guidance of Dr Eisuke Saito. Ms Goh Xin Min led in the Post-Colloquium in which the participants shared their rich observations and how they could use their knowledge to improve on future teaching practices. Dr Saito commended on the culture of continuous learning and sharing among the CPS teachers and affirmed the great work done. It was indeed a great professional development programme for our teachers to share at the National level in growing our teachers and developing leaders through capacity building.


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