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CPS Bagged a Number of Awards at Fo Guang Cup

 30 July 2015 By Mr Lau

On 27 June 2015, Corporation Primary School sent 46 pupils from P1 to P6 to participate in the 2nd Fo Guang Shan National Students Individual Xiangqi Competition.  They took part in the P1 to P4 category and the P5/P6 category.  Xiangqi players from all over Singapore came to take part in this event.  Our pupils played a total of 7 rounds, using their wits and intelligence to outdo opponents from other schools.

During the 7 rounds, our pupils conscientiously tried hard to avoid making careless mistakes or violating the rules of the game. They exercised great patience and eventually clinched outstanding results. 

Only the top 16 players from each category were given awards. 

Congratulations to the following pupils:


P1 to P4 category:

4th: Zhu Jing Nan - Compassion 4

5th: Teoh Ming Yu - Humility 1

6th: Guo Hua Xin - Humility 1

8th: Elyssa Moo - Humility 2

9th: Eunice Wong - Humility 1

10th: Chew Jun Wei - Humility 4

12th: Chua Wen Zhe - Humility 1

13th: Ray Yeo - Humility 1

14th: Zhao Yi Nuo - Compassion 1

16th: Chen Jia Zhen - Compassion 1


P5/P6 category:

1st: Ye Xiao Peng - Responsibility 5

2nd: Marcus Chin Yin How - Endurance 1

3rd: Jin Sheng - Endurance 1

5th: Lim Qiang Huat - Responsibility 6

7th: Zhou Zi Rui - Responsibility 1

8th: Zheng Bo Yuan - Endurance 1

10th: Lee Wei Herng - Endurance 2

14th: Lincoln Leong - Endurance 1