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2015 School Re-opening Programmes for Parents

02 Jan 2015 by Ms Siah Siew Ling


Day 1

Dads for Life 2015

Corporation Primary School participates in the Dads for Life 2015.  This movement is to call for all fathers to step up and send their children to school on 2nd January 2015.  Fathers will receive 50 sticker pages and a Certificate of Appreciation from Centre for Fathering to acknowledge the  support to make fathers more involved in their children’s school lives.


Parenting Talk

The school conducted a talk on “Transition to Primary One” for all Respect Parents. The objectives of the talk was on how parents can prepare their children for Primary One and shared some tips on how to help their children adapt to the new routine and school environment. 

Parents Talk



CPS PSGs have been greatly involved in school programmes that support students' holistic development. Ms Siah, SSD and the PSG Chairman, Mdm Even Woon also shared with the P1 parents from all walks of life on how they can come together to work with the school to provide an enriching learning environment for our pupils through the PSG and CPA scheme.They also shared MSF programmes led by the PSG.


Day 2 

Fathering and Mother Programme

Mr Richard and Ms Siah conducted a talk, highlighting the importance a father plays in the child’s life through his growing years.  The objectives of the talk were to encourage fathers to be aware of the importance of their roles as husbands and fathers, commit to be good fathers and role models to their children and spend time, acquire tools and bring transformation to lives.

Fathering and Mother Programme Fathering and Mother Programme


The parents also watched a video on “The Little Star” directed by Jack Neo. After some discussion and reflection based on the video, parents learnt some effective parenting tips while 20 fathers prepared healthy sandwiches for all our Respect 1 pupils. The sandwiches were given to the Respect 1 pupils during recess time and all mothers were involved in a scrapbook making. It was for them to take a picture of their child on their first day of school.

Fathering and Mother Programme Fathering and Mother Programme
Parents Programmes


Thank you Parents for creating a memorable day for our Respect pupils.

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